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  • Yelp Headquarters – Terminal A, B, C, D, E, F 140 New Montgomery Street San Francisco, CA, 94105 United States (map)

FLIGHT TRAINING. Coast-To-Coast Advisors Alliance members have figured out effective ways to use today’s technology to grow robust businesses. Nine of them will guide conversations about the skills below. Please refer to the Manifest, your Flight Crew, or the Departures screen at the Your Business On Yelp Checkpoint for help remembering your sessions. (You will attend two sessions during this one hour block.)

BUDGET – Terminal A
Running a business takes guts, passion, and knowing your numbers. Carlos and Kathy will discuss the basics of bookkeeping, profit and loss statements, and balance sheets. This snooze-free look at numbers will leave you inspired to take a deeper look at your books and strategize ways of making more money doing the things you love.

CARLOS RODRIGUEZ, Coast-To-Coast Advisors Alliance
Mr. Roofing
San Francisco, CA

KATHY RAPPAPORT, Coast-To-Coast Advisors Alliance
Flash Frozen Photography
Woodland Hills, CA

COMMUNITY – Terminal E
Being active in your community is great for business: It  provides a platform to connect with your customers offline and offers you a way to grow brand awareness. Bassil and Renee will talk about effective ways to get involved with your Yelp Community Manager as well as other local organizations, nonprofits and festivals to spread awareness for your business.  

BASSIL KAMAS, Coast-To-Coast Advisors Alliance
Bassil Kamas Massage
Fair Oaks, CA

RENEE KREAGER, Coast-To-Coast Advisors Alliance
Renee's Organic Oven
Tucson, AZ

MEDIA – Terminal F
Debbie and Tamara use the power of the press to turn themselves into local celebs. They'll discuss their tips for sending press releases, building relationships with local media, and getting your hands on editorial calendars, so you can line up your pitches and business stories with you contact's topics of interest.

DEBORAH DOWER, Coast-To-Coast Advisors Alliance
Paradise Laundry
El Dorado Hills, CA


TAMARA KEEFE, Coast-To-Coast Advisors Alliance
Clementine's Naughty & Nice Creamery
St. Louis, MO

PEOPLE – Terminal D
When it comes to people everyone wants reliable, trustworthy, and hardworking employees that do their best day in and day out. But how do you find great people and more importantly how do you hang on to them? Steve has established successful relationships with his staff, and will share his tips for how he engages them, establishes trust, and values their contributions to his companies.

STEVE DUROSS, Coast-To-Coast Advisors Alliance
Duross & Langel
Philadelphia, PA

SOCIAL – Terminal B
Jesse goes beyond the basics of creating a Facebook Page to talk about how to stay true to your brand and share content that's impactful for your customer base. He'll cover effective campaigns, the time and energy you should expect to invest to make an impact on social, and tools to market different messages across the many channels available to you.

JESSE THOMPSON, Coast-To-Coast Advisors Alliance
Hotel Valley Ho
Scottsdale, AZ

Once upon a time there was a business leader with a Yelp Business Page who used it to help tell his tale. The end.

Stories don't have to be long ;). Using areas of your Yelp Business Page, Kent will teach you how to take your story and translate it to the space you're given on Yelp. You'll reach potential customers, inspire new fans, and create a community of brand devotees simply by telling your story effectively online.

KENT WHIPPLE, Coast-To-Coast Advisors Alliance
Unexpected Productions
Seattle, WA

Earlier Event: November 15
Later Event: November 15